We are a company who
wants to make the world better
by creating an exceptional mobile application

It’s just about our love to what we do.

Executive director Andrey Samolyotov
Creative director Evgeniy Kozarenko
FInancial director Sergey Kholodov
Strategic director Anton Samolyotov

Our vision


We believe that this app will be a new word in contemporary application technology. You are bound to love it!

Team inspiration

It’s just about our love to what we do. We got this grat ideaand hope that you will respond to it with at least no less enthusiasmthan we do.


We aim at making it simple, intuitive and irreplaceable.
People should love the way it works.

development roadmap

Our goal:

We want to bring dozens of experts online
who are ready to give advice in their field

Development road map:

set off
the prototype
is done
the First
video call
is in app store!
May 2013
august 2013
october 2013
december 2013